Jenn Cranston

Jenn Cranston has spent the past fourteen years as a recognized innovator in both the fashion and home décor industry. She began her career as a freelance prop stylist and set designer working with some of the top advertisers and editorial magazines from both Canada and the United States.

In 2000, she took her career to New York where she worked for both US and Canadian companies, while continuing an ongoing relationship with clients in Toronto. Upon her return she parlayed her talents and knowledge to begin consulting on a creative direction basis.

Jenn has built relationships with some of Canada’s leading retailers, sought out for her talents and abilities. Consulting for print and visual display in both the worlds of fashion and home décor, she has had recognized success with her client’s expectations and demands. Cranston’s career thus far has seen her collaborate with some of the best advertising agencies, photographers, art directors and graphic designers to create innovative and aspirational advertising and visual displays.

Cranston has also been recognized and featured in numerous editorial magazines as a Canadian tastemaker, featured for both her personal taste and design abilities. These accomplishments have allowed her continued success in her field, and a valued consultant to her numerous clients.