Heather Shaw

“Who doesn’t love food!” exclaims Heather Shaw. It all began for her at a young age, growing up in Toronto. Her uncle taught her what it meant to create beauty out of food. “Somehow it all made sense, if my food looked good, chances were it tasted that way too,” she says.

Shaw started out creating wonderful-looking dishes for her friends and family. She went to study at Sheridan College in the hopes of becoming a photographer, and when she graduated, Heather went straight into shooting food and beverage.

A photographer she was assisting noticed her skills with presentation and let her put together some shots for him. “It was then that I realized food styling was my thing,” says Heather. She took courses to further develop her skills and had the opportunity to work with some of the best in Toronto’s food styling industry.

Now, Heather works hard to achieve the very best results for her clients. She loves her job and is always thrilled to meet and create with different types of artists. “I can only ask that it keeps on coming my way and making you hungry,” she says.