Aurelie Bryce

Working for trusted brands from Kraft to KY, I help translate marketing goals and creative concepts into approachable, lifestyle-driven and visually-rich content people can relate to across multiple platforms. From inspiration to execution, I craft stories that inform, educate and inspire, reaching targeted audiences with a focused and energetic message. My extensive media and client relations experience means that no job – from sourcing props and researching recipes, to writing copy, painting walls and even washing dishes after a long day’s food shoot – is above or beyond me! In short, I play well with others and I bring the pretty.

After university, I trained as a chef only to realize that working as a chef is not the same thing as loving the art of cooking (and eating) and the sheer joy found in sharing good food with others. Fleeing the restaurant industry with singed fingers, I stumbled onto the world of design and media and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been lucky enough to combine my love of food with my affinity for all things pretty – throw these things in a blender and come out with the word ‘consultant’ which means that I get to meet and work with interesting and creative people who do fascinating things! Like I said, I’m lucky.