Annie Horth

Annie Horth has dedicated her unique vision to the world of fashion, luxury and entertainment. Fifteen years ago she started creative directing/styling campaigns together with a team of artistic minds and innovative spirits, freelances, to serve a high-profile clientele.

This culminating in collaborations between various talents and fashion or cosmetic brands. Thus Horth has successfully used her savoir-faire as a stylist to collaborate with Celine Dion on numerous projects , album shootings, perfume advertising campaigns and tours over the last 10 years. She worked in Paris and Milan to collaborate with Couture ateliers on creating exclusive red carpet dresses or concert looks for her celebrity client. Annie Horth was named 2016 Cafa Stylist Of The Year.

Horth’s work draws on both her extensive experience as a creative director / stylist and her instinctive understanding of brand building and image making.

Her ability to communicate strong innovative ideas, synthesize abstract goals and deploy a narrow network of collaborators to achieve modern and seductive results has earned her a strong recognition amongst the fashion and beauty industry.