Tatiana Cinquino

Tatiana’s vibrant personality and imaginative styling techniques have propelled her to the forefront of the Montreal fashion scene. Directly after graduating from Lasalle College in Fashion Design, she became a designer for Rudsak and their affiliate companies. Not only did she lend her creativity and unique craftsmanship to the company, she became an essential part of the team for three years.

Tatiana has collaborated on projects with accomplished Photographers, Creative Directors, Producers, and Directors in the fashion industry, which has led to breathtaking editorials that have landed in the pages of Zink, LouLou and national campaigns.

Her work ethic is unmatchable and the quality of her styling speaks volumes about the special touch she can bring to every project handed to her. Time management and perfectionism are traits that clients have raved about and will keep them coming back for more.

Tatiana is in her element when styling and will surpass clients’ needs and wants with every project. Her superior leadership skills and contagious team spirit will make for a professional environment that will generate high class results.