Sanna Kryko

Sanna has been actively working as an Off Figure stylist since 2010. Her clients have included Holt Renfrew, Joe Fresh, The Globe and Mail, HBC, Great West Life Assurance, Growers Cider, and Nike, among several others. What Sanna loves about Off Figure styling is the opportunity to meet, work and collaborate with a variety of industry professionals. Sanna is very experienced in the fast-paced world of e-Commerce, however is also skilled in the intuitive art of a creative venture. Sanna’s main focus of every job is to understand her client’s marketing and advertising needs, and help produce an end result that is in line with the company’s vision and objective. Previous to her styling career, Sanna worked as a Visual Merchandising Manager for Ikea, where she led a team of Visual Merchandisers to create exciting and innovative home merchandising solutions. Sanna also busted her chops as a Visual Merchandiser for 5 years at H&M when they first arrived in Canada. She did several new store openings for H&M across the country, as well as trained new hire Visual Merchandisers and Managers. Previous to that, Sanna lived and worked in the UK, having travelled extensively to places such as France, Hungary, India, and Morocco. Sanna formally studied Advertising and Marketing Communications at Sheridan College.