Sangeeta Bhella

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Now living in Toronto, Sangeeta has 20+ years in advertorial, editorial, TV, fashion and runway. Sangeeta has collaborated and partnered with many top photographers and agencies throughout the industry. Her work has been featured in countless publications such as; Vulkan, Pump, Shuba, On Makeup Magazine, Scorpiojin, Borealis Fashion & Art, Elements, Dreamingless, Wedding Planner, Imute and Creem Magazine just to name a few. 

As a motivated individual, Sangeeta’s enthusiasm and infectiously happy demeanour makes every experience working with her a positive one. She is always willing to listen and creatively share her ideas to achieve and execute what is required for each job. Her portfolio is ever evolving as she continues to reach new heights and challenges herself within her career as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist.