Sam Lee

Sam Lee as a Makeup and Hair artist living in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up, Sam has always dipped her toes into as many creative avenues as possible, but it wasn't until she saw the creative illusions that graced the beautiful faces and pages of fashion magazines that got her into exploring makeup as another medium. She graduated from John Casablanca Institute of Applied Arts in Vancouver, BC and later continued her education working for MAC Cosmetics in Toronto. She has been exploring and working in the makeup industry for over 7 years and has assisted many notable Toronto Artist. Her work can be seen in various print advertisements, editorials, commercials, music videos and fashion shows throughout Canada and North America. Along side her industry work, Sam has also catered her artistic expertise to many brides in the Greater Toronto Area. For her, bringing a brides vision of her perfect day to life gives a whole new appreciation for her industry and enhances her intense love for bringing forward and embracing all women's unique beauty.

CLIENTELE – Cover Girl, Holt Renfrew, Air Canada, Telus, West Jet, Lydia Ainsworth, Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto Fashion Week, Blowe Magazine, Flare Magazine, P&G, Home Depot, Ford, Urban Planet, The Bay, Georgie Magazine, Hedley, Virgin Mobile, FLETCHER, Starley.