Peter Paquette

Peter is an Interior Designer with a degree in Architectural Technology. Over the past 15 years, he has worked for some of Canada’s most iconic lifestyle brands such as Roots Canada and Indigo Books, designing memorable large-scale in-store and window displays. During his time with these brands Peter produced many events and customers experiences, creating unique concepts and coordinating complicated design-build strategies. Peter also held a position at the award-winning interior design magazine Canadian House & Home, creating photoshoots, makeovers and original stories for advertising clients and readers. While at House & Home, Peter appeared in front of the camera as a DIY project expert. As a skilled Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, visual display artist and storyteller, Peter is dedicated to all facets of the design process, from inception to completion. Peter’s goal is to create beautiful, comfortable spaces for people who apprecaite style and glamour.