Megan Powell

Megan Powell is a Toronto based food stylist, recipe developer and prop stylist. Her passion for food started at a young age learning the basics from her mom and grandma in a small, modest kitchen. Her passion only grew as she got older and went on to complete her degree in Culinary Operations at the Culinary Institute of Canada. She has worked in many kitchens along the way and gained lots of practical skills and experience. Megan has been working professionally as a stylist for almost 5 years and has worked with many notable clients including, Mastro, Starbucks, Becel, Egg Farmers of Canada, Conagra, Recipe, Bigelow, Woolwich, Yorkshire Valley Farms and KFC. You have probably seen her photos or videos in magazines, on tv, on product packing or online.

Megan has traveled all over the world and experienced different cuisines and this has had a great impact on her work as she believes styling food is all about telling a story. Coming from an indigenous ancestry she has studied a lot about traditional indigenous foods and how important it is to respect food, which coincides with Megan also being whole food plant based.  She made the decision to follow a plant based diet for her health and although she is vegan she loves and respects all food, in fact styling charcuterie is one of her favourite things. 

Megan believes that food styling is an art form; technical skills, attention to detail and creating quality work are all extremely important to her. She is constantly expanding her skills and believes you learn something new on every set and loves tackling new and exciting challenges.  One of the things Megan enjoys most about food styling is working with the client and takes great pride in exceeding their expectations. Her passion for food shines through in her work and she feels very fortunate to be able to share that with her clients.