Megan Keating

A fixture of the Vancouver fashion scene, Megan Keating is known for her signature blend of modern and vintage styling and brings a fresh perspective to her multitude of projects. After studying at the prestigious Blanche McDonald fashion school, Megan burst into the world of fashion and quickly made her mark as a visionary stylist and meticulous professional.

Megan’s talents extend over a multitude of projects including brand styling in fashion and props, commercial and film production together with print and media photoshoots. Megan’s expansive creativity is showcased in stunning event and floral styling for corporate clients and has partnered with the prestigious Vancouver Club to create extravagant wedding designs.

While Megan works with many well-known local brands including Lululemon, Leah Alexandra and Paper Label, her creative impact extends beyond the Vancouver market. Some of her projects include highlights of her vintage homewares collection which has been featured in London’s Fortnum and Mason. Megan’s impeccable styling of Cabin 33 on Whitby Island with Kyla Ray Creative was showcased in Vogue.

Most recently, Megan launched her own brick-and-mortar location of her iconic Beige Knit vintage collection in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighborhood. This hidden gem of Megan’s carefully curated garments and homewares has become a favorite shopping spot of trendsetting Vancouverites.

Whatever the project, Megan brings her engaging personality, abundant creativity and professional attitude to meet any challenge. She is able to adapt to the needs of any client, bringing a clean, timeless yet modern perspective that is grounded in classic pieces.