Linda Keil

Linda Keil, a Canadian Native, relocated to New York City via Los Angeles, in 1995. Her 4 years spent in Los Angeles prepared her for the generous workload that awaited her in NYC.

Linda studied interior design and fine arts in Los Angeles. Her studies led her to assisting set designers in L.A. and eventually designing on her own. After studying and working in Los Angeles Linda set off to New York City to tackle bigger and better projects. Upon arriving in NYC she quickly landed a job at the renowned Izquierdo Studios. Izquierdo Studios is the one place in NYC that can make whatever a client wants, no matter how bizarre. Linda worked on such projects as designing Bette Midler shows and creating sets for numerous Broadway plays.

Eventually Linda met famed photographer, Mark Seliger and her career as one of New York Cities busiest set /production designers took off. She began doing music videos, MTV award shows, movie posters and CD packaging. Once affiliated with an agent she was able to conquer the advertising and editorial worlds.

Linda has an extensive knowledge of design and art history from the Baroque period to the Modern and no job is ever too big or too small for her to execute. Depending on a client’s budget she has been known to physically design and build the set herself. At one point she even had her own faux finishing/trompe l’oeil painting company that catered to wealthy New York clients.

Her clients include, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sony Music, Elektra Records, Atlantic Records, Neiman Marcus, Entertainment Weekly, Teen People…too many to list here.

Linda holds dual citizenship, and is available for work in the US.