Kay Pollock

Kay has always been an adventurous eater. Like many, her childhood memories are deeply connected to her experiences surrounding food. Kays family were regulars at the many Greek and middle eastern restaurants in her area and would often discuss the history of food during these meals. At the age of 16 Kay began her professional career cooking at a small café in Newmarket Ontario. This is where she decided to pursue a career in the culinary industry. She moved to Stratford Ontario and began working as an apprentice pastry chef. Her early career was spent focusing on classical French culinary techniques, but she found herself drawn to flavours common throughout Asia. Kay then opened a Curry restaurant in Stratford called “Curry On” in 2002 and after a few successful years sold the business to study her passion of Photography.

Kay attended the Ryerson Chang School and the International academy of design where she studied Fine Art and Digital stream Photography. During this time, she maintained working in restaurants while balancing her course load. An opportunity arose to partner with a fellow entrepreneur and Kay soon found herself co-owner of Sublime Espresso bar and record store in Kensington market Toronto. After three successful years of café ownership Kay made the tough decision to leave the world of food service. She now resides in Hamilton Ontario with her partner and young family.

Kay found a way to combine her love of photography and recipe development in food styling. Kay is a proficient cook with a strong understanding of modern and classical techniques. Her photography background gives her a strong understanding of lighting as well as composition. Kay prides herself in producing delicious food while working with clients to realize their creative vision.