Irina Riabaya

Irina Riabaya is a food lover who turned her passion into a professional career. She is a food stylist who is ready to share her vision and love for food with people.
She loves food, not only for its flavours and aromas, but also for its visual and aesthetic appeal.

Irina’s goal is to bring her clients’ ideas to life and to open up new visual experiences for their audience. Her passion for photography, food styling & set design combined with her experience as a graphic designer and make-up artist serve her as faithful companions to transform ideas into stylish creations.

She believes every creation on this planet has its energy and oneness. In every project she is involved in, she brings out the products’ unique traits and quirks – “I perceive every carrot and every pea as its own character with its own individuality. I love to explore every products’ edge, curves and inner life. Each composition is a poem, a story, and my mission is to deliver a message through my work”.