Gabrielle Martin

Gabrielle “GG” Martin is a makeup & hair artist known for the fresh aesthetic she curates through flawless skin and highlighted features. Her artistic philosophy is founded in the belief that makeup is made to accentuate, rather than cover the wearer’s natural beauty. A clean makeup look elevates her clients’ message, as brands like Shopify, Microsoft, and Air Canada can attest.

For GG, makeup started as a passion but has since grown into a career. Her work has been featured in projects that range from print to commercial and film. Her experience and versatility allows her to flow between mediums with ease, to create picture perfect looks tailored to each client’s vision. The care and quality of her work has earned universal praise from publications like Vogue Italia, Forbes, Picton, Dreamingless, Flanelle, and on the big screen in feature films like “A Cry of Silence” and “Stealing Vows”.

GG graduated top of her class from Sheridan College in Makeup for Media & Creative Arts. She has since built a professional reputation for having strong sanitation practices, bringing positive positive energy to set, and for her agile skillset in beauty makeup and SFX.