Shortly after graduating from fashion school in Montreal, Fritz worked as a model and assisted numerous talented stylists – among them Anthony Mitropoulos (presently, fashion editor at ELLE Quebec/Canada). He embarked on his own journey as a key stylist soon after and has been a prominent fixture in the fashion industry for over 15 years.

Fritz’s style is often referred to as both refined and sophisticated, with a precise eye that draws from a European influence.

Fritz has worked for various publications, such as ELLE, Pure, Mariage Quebec; and is currently the fashion editor at Dress To Kill magazine.

Some of his commercial clients include brands such as Simons, Tristan, Wonderbra, Thyme, Addition Elle, Rad Hourani, Lise Watier, Jean Coutu and Aldo.

Fritz is both a fashion forecaster and trendsetter and he continues to be one of the top editorial and most sought after stylists in the country.