Duyen Huynh

Duyen Huynh brings positive energy, creative skills, and solid work ethics to any project. With extensive training in various hairdressing techniques, she excels in television, bridal, editorial, and catalog work. Her exceptional talent has graced the pages of renowned magazines like Vogue Italy, Vanity Fair, and Maxim, working with esteemed individuals such as Matt Barnes, James Nicholas Merzetti, and Tash Greschon.

Beyond print, Duyen has made her mark in television and film. Her exceptional hair styling skills have enhanced popular shows like Coroner, Murdoch Mysteries, The 100, and In the Dark, bringing characters to life with her creativity and attention to detail. Duyen’s unique perspective and unwavering passion for hair styling shine through in every project she undertakes. She elevates the quality of each production, representing diverse products and brands while inspiring her team.

Whether in the pages of prestigious magazines, on the screens of television and film, or dazzling audiences in the world of drag, Duyen Huynh continues to leave a lasting impact with her talent and infectious personality.