Cynthia Christina

Cynthia-Christina started practicing makeup and hair as an art form to complement her need for aesthetic expression. Working with an expert skill set, Cynthia-Christina is Montreal’s rising star. Cynthia-Christina is already in high demand for all the top beauty magazines and publications including Elle, Clin D’oeil, Lou Lou, La Gazette and most recently KILL magazine. Cynthia-Christina’s newest body of work is featured on the cover of Elle Quebec. With a degree in English as well as being fully bilingual, Cynthia-Christina writes for top beauty blogs, social media submissions and online magazines. This caught the attention of other stimulating artists in the industry such as the Triptyque collective, with whom she has created several projects for noteworthy members participating in the industry such as designer Denis Gagnon and The Opera of Montreal.

Her youthful energy and knowledge of pop culture keeps her in demand as a trend setter and beauty forecaster already working with some of the world’s top talents. She has worked in New York, where she worked with top international models shooting seven stunning fashion and beauty editorials featured in magazines such as Saints, Glassbook and Kenton. Most recently however she has done makeup on international super model Linda Evangelista for her ERASA skin care launch at Holt Renfrew.

Driven by her passion and eagerness to constantly surpass herself as well as be a leader in her field, Cynthia-Christina has proven to be Canada’s rising star. Due to all of her successes in Montreal, Cynthia-Christina is now also heavily in demand in the Toronto market and abroad.