Annie Horth

Annie Horth is a multidisciplinary and award-winning Creative Director.

Her creative collaborations with renown fashion and beauty brands, artists and publishers have taken her around the globe and have been marked by her capacity to convey evocative ideas in an ever-evolving cultural and media landscape.

Soon after her studies in Fashion Design, Horth made a name for herself as a stylist at ELLE Quebec. She went on to form a longstanding creative collaboration with artist Céline Dion which broadened her creative practice to include album covers, tours, perfume advertising, red carpet and concert styling and where she worked alongside some of the finest couture ateliers in Paris and Milan.

From 2019-2022 she served as the Creative Director of ELLE Canada and ELLE Quebec where was tasked with spearheading the re-imagining of the magazine for this new era of publishing.

For more than two decades, Horth has combined strategic acumen, artistic curiosity and an irrepressible hands-on approach to building distinctive creative worlds.

Today, Horth continues to work with ambitious brands looking for end-to-end creative stewardship.