Yulia Mikitchuk

Yulia Mikitchuk. Celebrity makeup artist in Ukraine, teacher and makeup expert.

Experience 13 years. More than 4500 clients and students. Founder of two makeup schools since 2015 in Kyiv “JM make-up studio”, as well as online makeup schools.

Creating images for magazines: «Playing Fashion PF», «YOUR HAIR», «НАТАЛИ», “МАКИЯЖ”, “ELLE”, “HAIR STYLES”, “BABY MARLEN”.

Collaborated with designers at shows: Ukrainian Fashion Week, Kiev Fashion Week, Street fashion day, Jeweler Fashion Deluxe, etc.

Collaborated with TV channels: M1, STB, Inter, ICTV, TET, OTV, etc. Cooperated with companies like La roshe – posay, L’Oreal Paris.

Worked as a make-up artist on television projects in Ukraine: The works “The Bachelor”, “Weighted and Happy”, “Changeles”, “Goddess of Shopping”, “People’s Artist”, “Style Icon”, “Be in the know”, “Chronicles of society with the Domino duet” , “100.000 for the truth”, “Transformation”, “What is good, what is bad”, “Summer kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev”, “Big dances”, “I want V Via Gru”, “Lamour-Tujour”, “How two drops”, “Sing if you can” and others.

Yulia Mikitchuk