Jean & Rachel

Jean and Rachel started from humble beginnings; their single mother baked butter tarts out of their mobile home in Bayside as a way to earn money for the family. It wasn’t till Jean and Rachel became mothers themselves, the pair cofounded Maple Key Tart Co., a boutique butter tart company operating in Toronto and Prince Edward County.

They began with their mom’s recipe and infused it with their own flavour and style to come up with Maple Key Tart Co.’s signature butter tart. In just two short years they have grown their business into a sweet success!   You can find Maple Key Tart Co.’s butter tarts in over 25 select locations across Southern Ontario. They are mainstay’s at the bustling Wellington Farmers Market in PEC and the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market in Toronto. Their award winning company has been featured in the Toronto Sun, Cottage Life, Reader’s Digest, Food and Drink and Ontario Travel.

When not baking butter tarts, you can catch this sister duo as the hosts of Food Network Canada’s The Baker Sisters. This delectable travel series follows Jean and Rachel as they visit bakeries across North America and discover how their delicious desserts are made.  The pair have also appeared on the Marilyn Denis Show, ET Canada and are launching their own YouTube channel in the spring. They have been reoccurring radio guests on The Parenting Show and Fresh Mornings with Matt and Tara. The sisters and entrepreneurs have been keynote speakers at several events and are seasoned judges at the Midland Butter Tart Festival as well as other sweet show-downs across the province. Most recently, Jean and Rachel are developing a series of baking cookbooks for children entitled the Lettuce Bake Series. Through these stories, the sisters continue to share their appreciation of baking and live by their motto “baking is love”

The Baker Sisters