Suzanne Dimma

I am an interior designer, creative director and brand spokesperson dedicated to creating richly-layered and memorable experiences of beauty and comfort at home. 

Having spent most of my life in the world of design, I’ve seen just how deeply our surroundings impact us. A well-designed space can change everything, from our mood and sense of well-being to our efficiency and productivity. Whether I’m planning a top-to-bottom renovation, decorating a room or providing creative direction, my designs aim to make people feel inspired, happy, and cared for.

I value a holistic approach, which caters to my clients’ individual needs and is never formulaic. During the eight years I was Editor in Chief of House & Home magazine, Canada’s leading authority on design and style, the projects I loved most were never simply beautiful; they also had meaningful moments – they were authentic, not just showpieces. My own work is about creating depth and character through thoughtful layers, unique details and striking a balance between less and more, old and new, high and low. Pulling together a mix that’s at once familiar and delightfully unexpected is a defining feature of my projects.

As a product designer, guest expert, consultant and spokesperson for a range of media outlets and brands, I’ve learned how to translate my insights and ideas into practical advice. Together, the journey from starting point to finishing touches will be rewarding and distinctly personalized. 

Suzanne Dimma