Rima Alkhatib

Rima Alkhatib immigrated to Canada in 2016 from Yemen where she was born and raised. Being born to a Yemeni father and a Russian mother, she was exposed to diversity since her childhood. It also gave her a chance to be in direct touch with the rich history, culture and art of both sides.

After a seven-year career in the corporate world, Rima decided to switch her path to fashion. From sketching shoe designs to learning sewing, she quickly realized she wanted to be a fashion stylist when she joined a styling course at Ryerson University. Looking back, she understood that it was a natural course of destiny since she always loved to play with clothes and was the person whose friends turned to for fashion advice.

Rima thinks that fashion and clothes are a way to deliver a message without words whether a person realizes that he/she is sending it out or not. With a saturated market and a strong influence of bloggers and social media, she believes that fashion stylists have become a necessity rather than a luxury and that people should invest in hiring a stylist or at least educate themselves on styling their body shapes and the art of dressing.

Rima has done different fashion editorials with many creative professionals in the industry and has styled for companies like Walmart and FWD.

Rima Alkhatib