Paul Irving

As a commercial director, when the rough cut is played and I see that  “oh ya!” look on my client’s face; I know I’ve done my job.

I bring with me 20 years of agency experience as the visual lead on Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, A&W, KFC, LCBO, Swiss Chalet, Oxford Frozen Foods and Central City Brewing. Real experience with real brands. You’ll see that on my reel – real work – all of it.

I originally studied design at George Brown College, but the real learning began working on the McDonald’s brand at Cossette Communications Group. As a young Art Director, I attended the McDonald’s global workshop for a month in Los Angeles learning how to shoot food from some of the world’s best food stylists and shooters.  You can’t buy that kind of education, anywhere.

The agency world also gave me a good footing in the realities of marketing and the ability to work seamlessly in a collaborative spirit with the creative, account and client teams.

I’m both an artist and a technical geek so I’m a problem solver and a money saver. My goal is help clients do more than they ever thought possible.

 I’m probably about the best there is in shooting food in motion.  But I enjoy every opportunity to work with humans, as well – not just what they eat! I easily build a rapport and trust with talent – both real people and actors – helping them to deliver authenticity in what they say and do.  I “get inside the shot”, while getting involved with the subject and tell the story.

Please have a look at my work. You’ll see an eye for detail and design, and in the non-food work, a gift for storytelling that’s far from ordinary. And then after viewing the first rough cut, I want to see the look on your face.

Paul Irving

Paul Irving