Michael Durrant

Michael Durrant, a British born Stylist, relocated to Toronto, via Melbourne and NYC, in 2011. With 14 years experience behind the camera, working on numerous projects globally, Michael is always quick to remember where it all began, the wonderful world of British television production.

Growing up queer in 90’s London opened Pandora’s Box culturally and ignited Michael’s eye for photography, fashion and all things beautiful. This unique outlook further developed when Michael travelled the world solo for three years – his time spent in Japan, China, India and America offered a new and exciting perspective allowing Michael to finetune his taste, celebrate his love of colour, and expand his vision.

Always chasing growth and with a hunger to better understand the consumer and client, Michael accepted a position in the arena of luxury beauty. He found success as an award winning Account Executive, leading sales Canada-wide for luxury beauty brand, Oribe. After 4 triumphant years, and having explored all avenues in sales, the return to creativity seemed only natural – in simple terms, Michael wanted to make things pretty again!

Michael’s goal is to introduce more style to the city of Toronto, continue to create beautiful images and sets, win an Oscar, and open a floral design studio.

Katie Crane, Art Director: “Michael is an absolute dream to work with on set. His energy, sense of humor, and ability to anticipate and prepare for the next steps are unmatched. He keeps everyone in great spirits and always delivers top-notch styling. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Michael Durrant